Friday, June 19, 2009

NEVER ending need in Nicaragua!

I have been getting lots of emails and facebook messages asking me about what kind of volunteer opportunities there are in the Granada area. They are simply endless! I highly encourage people to try out volunteering, there are so many great options for everyone. Try Casa Xalteva: they are always needing volunteer english teachers, as well as volunteers to work helping young children with homework. Donna Tabor is also a great volunteer resource in Granada, Nicaragua. She is the founder of "Building New Hope" and she can hook you up with a great volunteer job. Both these organizations are listed under LINKS on my blog page!

Don't forget that money donations are always a great way to help, if you can't make it down south. We are always collecting donations for our project, "SI QUIERES, PUEDEN REIR." We will be supplying our wee ones twice a year now. Which is a pretty hardy goal.

Thank you for your continued support. We hope to keep our project going even during really tough economic times. As little or as much as you can give can make a huge difference.


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