Monday, September 10, 2012

September Update (2012)

This year has been a big change for Nicaragua School Project. I have not been able to return to Nicaragua since my big move to Vancouver in January 2012. With this constraint, our access to necessary funds has diminished. A big part of the success of our project is the real life interactions on the ground in Nicaragua—being able to show foreigners visiting the country our schools and what we are doing with generous donations has made all the difference. With this, I have chosen to be completely transparent in letting you (all our devoted followers) know that our project has gone on a hiatus this September 2012. Usually we supply 600 children twice per year, but I have not been able to collect the amount needed to supply every child at our two schools. If you have donated, your money will be used in our school supply in February 2013. My undertaking of this project began when I was 24 with not a penny in my pocket. The only thing I had was the ambition to make a difference in my small way, with the help of anyone who cared. I suppose I became a philanthropist at the worst possible time; it would have been more practical to wait until I was more established (but, then could I run off to foreign countries at any moment?) I have always joked that I was a poor philanthropist; it still rings true to this day. So, yeah, I am living in a big city. There are bills. I am trying to make it, myself. Even though this is the reality, I DO NOT want this project to die in the meantime. Please stick with me and make this project a long lasting venture. This September 2012 is merely a bump in the road. We have several months to make it up to those kids. February 2013 is going to be plentiful. WITH School supplies…….:)
Picture is of Juan Carlos's son & Andres' daughter.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wedding Season

It's summer. My wedding season is about to start— so many weddings to attend. So many festivities. Here's a great idea via my friend, Katie Gregg. Why not donate your wedding favours to a charity? Who needs them anyways? As she put it, "they are for babies..." Put a picture with a small amount of information about the charity in the centre piece of the table. This will allow your guests to appreciate your contribution! Donate as much as you have budgeted for the wedding favours. Or you could give them a 99 cent candle or pen to lose at the bottom of their bag! Just an idea. Giving back is easy as can be.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Exciting Event!

The Oak Bay Bistro and Event Designer, Macayla Friesen, will host an Non Profit Art Show and Silent Auction evening on March 21st, 2012 at The Oak Bay Bistro (2250 Oak Bay Ave Victoria, BC V8R 1G5, 250‐598‐1441). Cost is $50 per person

Proceeds will be donated to:
The Nicaragua School Project.

The evening event will feature:
• Art Show (displaying pieces from 5 local Vancouver Island Artists, photography, oil
painting, mixed media on canvas)
• Silent Auction (fantastic donations from ie. A stay at the Port Renfrew Lodge, wine
tour in the Okanagan with Discovery Okanagan Tours, an Adrenaline Zip Line
adventure.. and more)
• Lola Parks ( A very talented musician.
• Chef John Waller’s rustic‐elegant culinary tastings waller.php
Tickets can be purchased at the Oak Bay Bistro (cash only).

For more information please call:
Macayla Friesen @ 250‐213‐2291 or email ‐ Event Manager
Angela @ 250‐598‐1441 – Oak Bay Bistro Front End Manager
Kathryn Moncur @ 1604‐3530677 or ‐ Founder of Nicaragua School Project Society

On behalf of all involved, I warmly invite you to both support and attend this considerable cause assisting the increasing laughter of the Nicaraguan Children. Your support is much appreciated and I look forward in speaking further regarding this event exposure.

Macayla Friesen
Event Manager

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lovely Hilce, a Nica School Project Success.

Since 2010, Nicaragua School Project has had the pleasure of supporting Hilce attend a private school in Granada, Nicaragua.

I met Hilce in the neighbourhood where I stay in Granada-and she always greeted me with a warm smile & open heart. When I heard that her Dad had left their family without any financial support, my heart sunk. She was switching to a school far off the beaten track & was feeling sad to be separated from her friends. It didn't take me long to add this to the Nicaragua School initiative. Our project has allowed Hilce to remain at the private school she feels comfortable, alongside her friends (and a short walk from her neighbourhood.)

I have already promised her another year of school via our project--considering she has done well in her studies, and is thriving in the environment. We currently have enough funds to support our 600 children with school supplies, but could use $200-250 more dollars to ensure Hilce's education is paid for. Please make the difference:

Also- I would be happy to connect anyone who supports Hilce in her educational journey. A pen-pal- someone to practice your spanish with. She even has facebook:) This is the real deal.

Thanks for your support. Muchas Gracias.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Holidays.

Wishing all our lovely supporters a wonderful holiday season!:)

This fall has been an active one for the Nicaragua School Project. We collaborated with students at Royal Roads University and held a small fundraiser in the cafeteria- and raised $400.00. It was fantastic to expose our project to more people--spreading our message of friendship, and that 100% of our funds go to our cause.

Our school supply project went great in September--all 600 children received their school supplies. We purchased art supplies for the preschoolers & necessary supplies for the teachers. We even had 500.00 to put back in the bank, which we will use for our upcoming school supply project in February. We still need about $1500 for the upcoming project-- so if you are looking for a last minute Xmas gift for the "person who has everything" or would like to donate in the new year, please make the difference:
Just contact me as well so I can keep track of donations:)

I have updated the blog a few times this fall--so have a look! (media page.) I am quite active on social media with the project- so jump on board if you're looking to become more involved.

Twitter: @Nicasmiles

I appreciate all your contributions and interest in our little project- which will be turning 4 years old this February 2012. It's amazing what can happen when you have a dream.

Muchas Gracias & Feliz Navidad. Kathryn & Andres & Juan Carlos

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sonrisas y Risas

Smiling is the International Language of Gratitude

It’s true. For the last 4 years, our project “Nicaragua School Project” has demonstrated this over and over again. The traditional form of “thank-you” is never necessary; their genuine smiles sum it up for us, we have done our jobs.

Our project equips 600 children with necessary school supplies in El Pantanal, Nicaragua. We specialize in “lifting the burden off the parents” and giving children the opportunity to make the most of their educations. We have seen an increase in attendance at our two schools over the last four years—Nicaragua School Project is making small, but important waves.

A little goes a long way. 100% of funds go directly to the project; we are 100% volunteer.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pencils for Smiles!

Pencils will be given as gratitude to those who donate to the Nicaragua School Project. Visit us at Royal Roads University in Victoria BC this coming week: from the 21st-25th. From 8-9am & 11-1pm in the Habitat cafeteria. Pencils make amazing/socially responsible stocking stuffers. Join the spirit! 100% of donations will be used to purchase school supplies for 600 children in Nicaragua.

The Nicaragua School project is having its 4th birthday this coming February 2012. Thanks to all our amazing supporters. We are all about friendship.