Friday, August 7, 2009

this is what school supplies are made of..

COLD HARD CASH-> Sent from Canada to Nicaragua!! I used Western Union to wire down about 1000 canadian dollars (which is kind of a rip off, unfortunately.) I took it upon myself to make a $64.00 contribution to the project by paying for the Western Union charge of sending the money internationally myself. Within seconds, Juan Carlos was able to pick up the money. He already had 200.00 US in Nicaragua (long story...) but, he currently has about 1100US plus some left over supplies from February 2009 to make the project a success this August 2009.

I really wish I was there to help. If there is anyone in Nicaragua or Casa Xalteva that reads this blog, please feel free to help with the purchase, creation of packages, and delivery by talking to either Juan Carlos or Andres at Casa Xalteva. You can look at my links if you need more information about Casa Xalteva.. It is located in Granada Nicaragua, half a block from the church of the same name (La Iglesia Xalteva.)

Stay tuned for pictures!

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