Wednesday, September 30, 2009

lots of Si Quieres Action!!

Although I haven't written in a while, there is lots of movement happening with this project.

Juan Carlos is currently finishing up delivering and supplying all the children in El Pantanal with their second shipment of school supplies for 2009. HOORAY! I should have some pictures available for viewing soon.

In a month or two, we will be launching our official website. Don't worry the blog will still be up and running for regular updates. This is pretty exciting. I am working with my friend Jacquie Troy on this endeavour. She is an up and coming webdesigner and fashionista. I have no doubt that her creative flare will light up our website.

And even more exciting... I hope that we will become a NON-PROFIT sooner than later. The government documents have been signed, sealed, and will be delivered soon!!

Keep In Touch and To be continued...


Just a quick message to say we are still alive!!

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