Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lovely Hilce, a Nica School Project Success.

Since 2010, Nicaragua School Project has had the pleasure of supporting Hilce attend a private school in Granada, Nicaragua.

I met Hilce in the neighbourhood where I stay in Granada-and she always greeted me with a warm smile & open heart. When I heard that her Dad had left their family without any financial support, my heart sunk. She was switching to a school far off the beaten track & was feeling sad to be separated from her friends. It didn't take me long to add this to the Nicaragua School initiative. Our project has allowed Hilce to remain at the private school she feels comfortable, alongside her friends (and a short walk from her neighbourhood.)

I have already promised her another year of school via our project--considering she has done well in her studies, and is thriving in the environment. We currently have enough funds to support our 600 children with school supplies, but could use $200-250 more dollars to ensure Hilce's education is paid for. Please make the difference:

Also- I would be happy to connect anyone who supports Hilce in her educational journey. A pen-pal- someone to practice your spanish with. She even has facebook:) This is the real deal.

Thanks for your support. Muchas Gracias.

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