Monday, September 10, 2012

September Update (2012)

This year has been a big change for Nicaragua School Project. I have not been able to return to Nicaragua since my big move to Vancouver in January 2012. With this constraint, our access to necessary funds has diminished. A big part of the success of our project is the real life interactions on the ground in Nicaragua—being able to show foreigners visiting the country our schools and what we are doing with generous donations has made all the difference. With this, I have chosen to be completely transparent in letting you (all our devoted followers) know that our project has gone on a hiatus this September 2012. Usually we supply 600 children twice per year, but I have not been able to collect the amount needed to supply every child at our two schools. If you have donated, your money will be used in our school supply in February 2013. My undertaking of this project began when I was 24 with not a penny in my pocket. The only thing I had was the ambition to make a difference in my small way, with the help of anyone who cared. I suppose I became a philanthropist at the worst possible time; it would have been more practical to wait until I was more established (but, then could I run off to foreign countries at any moment?) I have always joked that I was a poor philanthropist; it still rings true to this day. So, yeah, I am living in a big city. There are bills. I am trying to make it, myself. Even though this is the reality, I DO NOT want this project to die in the meantime. Please stick with me and make this project a long lasting venture. This September 2012 is merely a bump in the road. We have several months to make it up to those kids. February 2013 is going to be plentiful. WITH School supplies…….:)
Picture is of Juan Carlos's son & Andres' daughter.

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