Monday, July 28, 2008

Toilets are done... now we need some cash!

Just writing a quick update to say that we have finished those ever famous toilets for the kids about 2 weeks ago. I am going to post some pictures of them when I can, as I am not in Nicaragua anymore... and I am relying on my friends in Granada to send me those. However, rest assured that the kids now have 6 flush toilets (for 1100 students) rather than 1 for 1100!!!! We feel good about it. And we hope you do too.

Now we are trying to raise some funds so that we can give our kids at Jose De La Cruz Mena a second round of school supplies. These kids will each receive a package of 6 notebooks, 2 pens, 1 pencil, an eraser, and a pencil sharpener. It costs about 5.00 to supply one child. Each child will get a package (no matter if the child is less poor than another) we feel that this part of Granada (El Pantanal) is generally economically struggling and do not pick and choose. Therefore, rest assured that these happy smiling faces will all be getting the same package.

If you can in anyway help with our project please email me.

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