Monday, December 8, 2008


We are lucky to say that many of 'you' generous people have donated again to this great cause. We have about 1600 dollars to work with now, and I am hoping that a few more angels will give the gift of education this year. Remember, I am in town for 3 more weeks so please contact me, if you would like to help as well!:)

Just a recap: I need to supply 500 children of El Pantanal, Nicaragua with school supplies & with any other money, we will create new small projects (perhaps healthy food deliveries?) If you read about Nicaragua, you will find out that malnutrion is a huge problem. Here is an article about Nicaragua on the Canadian RED CROSS website about Nicaragua.

Check it out! There is a job that was posted on the RED CROSS website for a project manager on one of their projects (In Managua, Nicaragua), and I just sat here and realized that it would be my dream job. Too bad, Im not qualified. But who knows, maybe someday? This dream has definetely exceeded all my expectations.

For now, this little project which seriously gives me extreme pleasure, is enough for this girl. It is really worth it when you see them smile.

Special thanks to David Pelland for his kind contribution, both this year & and the year before. It is nice to know that many people care about a country like Nicaragua, that really doesn't get much media attention.


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