Sunday, December 28, 2008

The kids will be smiling!

Tommorrow, I will be flying all night long to get to Granada, Nicaragua. I will be back to my second home on Monday December 29th, 2008 around 10am. I hope to be greeted by some warm & loving faces.

I am also excited because my friend Andres will be getting married to his long time love, and I will be there at his side to see him give his nuptials in the church. He set the date of his wedding to the 29th of December, so I could be there. I will also be celebrating my 8 year old sister Judene's birthday with a pinata bday party jam packed with candy galore.

I have about 3500.00 now for this project, and I am thrilled by this. I will be working hard to make sure that all the kids in El Pantanal get a nice package of school supplies. With the extra money, I will create other projects. Please keep track of my project on this website.

Happy New Year to all!

Special thanks to Haven White, Brenda Knoop, a very kind anonymous donar, the Axemans, Kate McNamara, The Hadfields, The Jennings ladies, & everyone else that have donated recently. Your kindness is overwhelming.

PS the picture is one of my favorite pictures that I took while I was in Nicaragua last year. This little fella was hanging out in the school yard, and he couldn't have been more than 3. Adorable.

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