Monday, February 9, 2009

They laughed....

This picture says it all.
500 students with school supplies.
Now, he can do his job better.

With 1400 american dollars, we were able to buy a package of school supplies (6 notebooks, 3 pencils, 2 pencils, a pencil sharpener, and an eraser) for 500 students. Thanks to your kind donations: 500 children in Nicaragua can write, solve math problems, and practice their cursive writing.

on Thursday February 8th 2009, we delivered the gift of school supplies to our school, (JOSE DE LA CRUZ MENA.) We arrived at 10am for the morning classes and then we returned again at 3pm, to deliver the packages to the afternoon classes. It was a tiring day, working in the wind storm that came our way, and we returned to Granada covered in dust. We came back to Granada knowing that we had made many children laugh that day.

We also bought a huge array of art supplies and learning tools for the preschool class in the morning. These will help to encourage learning and creativity. The teachers of the school received a large amount of dry eraser pens that are necessary to their jobs.

I really hope the kids take advantage of what they have been given. Juan Carlos told me that the main reason why children don´t attend classes in Nicaragua is because their parents can´t afford to buy the necessary school supplies. With projects like ours and others that are alike it, more children will be able to attend school appropriately.

With the rest of the money that I currently have and other donations that come in, we will continue to create projects to help the community of El Pantanal. I will keep everyone updated on the following events that take place.

and more exciting news......

1)At the beginning of January, my friend Kay from Seattle who has also studied at Casa Xalteva, filmed a short video of my project. It will be about 2 minutes long and I will be able to share it with those who read my blog. Thanks Kay!

2)We spent the last week (on top of everything else) filming a documentary with a couple from California named Alicia and Matt. They have a film company called: Studio Red Dot. Together we filmed a pilot that will eventually be aired on tv (hopefully?) You can check out their website at:
I think that it is going to turn out beautiful & I can´t wait to relive the heartfelt comments & laughs that we had while filming. Thanks to them!

Please check out the photos from the documentary shoot on your right hand side under (important links.)All the photos were taken by the fabulous Alicia. I hope you enjoy the many colours of Nicaragua!

Kathryn (Andres y Juan tambien)


Haven said...

Kathryn - Congratulations! It's wonderful to see you still going strong. I hope you're also getting to play with the puppies again. Please send hugs to Juan Carlos, the family, and Mr. Pedro. xo, Haven

Si Quieres, Pueden Reir (if you want, they can laugh:) said...

good to hear from you!
I just realized that you had posted.

Pedro is no longer in Casa Xalteva, I believe he is living with his mother somewhere! We miss him!

I hope your great