Monday, March 16, 2009

Yes, I am still in Nicaragua!

I realize that it has been awhile since I have posted on my blog about the project! Things are just about a wrap until August.

Here is a point form recap!

1. All the children now have school supplies (about 500 of those glorious children)
2. We went back to the school and collected new lists of the students who were new to Jose De La Cruz Mena and supplied those new children with a package. We will double check this before I leave the country and supply any children who didn´t receive or are new.
3. With the rest of the money I have currently saved for this project, we will supply the children with a second set of school supplies in August. Children in Nicaragua go through two sets of school supplies per year (basically 12 notebooks in a year...) So I will be sending money to my trustworthy partner in crime and he will collect willing volunteers to help him (as I will be in Canada, unfortunately.) Would you like to help? Email me.
4. I have been finding children around the Granada area who need school supplies and have been independently giving them school supplies. So far, we have met 3 children who were in need and were able to help them out! It´s a good feeling.

I only have 2 more weeks!!!! The time went so fast, and I know that I wont be getting back to Nicaragua for awhile but I hope to be able to still make a difference. Thanks to you, I am able to have this project and improve the learning situation for many.

Soon to come a video interview about the project!!!!! (stay tuned)

thank you.

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