Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rockin' for the Cause

On Saturday October 24th 2009, we had a very wonderful party for my Dad's 60th birthday. All our friends, family, and loved ones showed up to pay respect and have some fun! We also had a donation jar for the project: Nicaragua School Project Society. I am happy to report that we raised 2200 dollars for the project. Thank you so much for your generosity!! What an amazing night... Not to mention, my Uncle's band rocked the show!

Also, I have had some people ask me about whether or not I could give receipts in the future for donations. I am working on that right now! I will let you know and hopefully by 2010 (or sooner) I can make that charitable status possible.

Our website is being build as we speak.. I will definetely post an update to let our followers know how to check it out.

thanks!! Kathryn & the Nicaragua School Project Crew

Also I would like to thank: Deborah, Jim, Katie, & Tara for agreeing to be on the board of directors for this society.

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