Monday, January 11, 2010

January 2010 News

Well hello supporters,

Si Quieres (the Nicaragua school project) is turning 2 years old this February. So exciting. And in these last two years, we have:
-supplied 500 studens (3 times)
-Built six flush toilets
-supplied 15 children in Casa Xalteva with school supplies- 1 time
-Built a library for the school
-Donated 6 dry eraser boards (the modern blackboard) to the school
-Helped some neighbours in the area with essential groceries

All thanks to your generous support:)

2010 is exciting- I am heading to Nicaragua on January 17th- with a bank account full of donated cash (thanks for the donations at my dad's birthday!!) The kids in Jose De La Cruz Mena will be getting their school supplies this year.

The next big project will be: a covered basketball court at the school. I am planning to have this appraised while I am there. Donations are always welcomed and appreciated!!!! I would ideally hope to start this project in 2011. I would love to bring some joy and escape to these kids in El Pantanal; they struggle more than any of us could ever imagine. Please email me about this----- if you have suggestions or might want to volunteer to help:)

I am hoping to gain charitable status within the next 6 months, so that that I can give out receipts to all you fine people.

The website is coming along- I have been putting it off a little bit since I have been slammed with paper after paper in my MA program. However, I am hoping to have it up and running very soon. Thanks again to Alicia for donating the beautiful photos. And also to-Jacquie Troy, who is the genius behind the web site design. I will hopefully figure out how to connect a pay pal donation box to this website.

This project is evidence that a little dream can go so far--- Something so small that means so much to the kids & their families in El Pantanal, Nicaragua and also to: Kathryn, Andres, and Juan Carlos Roblero.

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