Friday, February 12, 2010

Nicaragua School Project Society Making Dreams a Reality Once Again.....February 2010

We are extremely proud to report that our project has supplied more than 450 students this year with school supplies. Over the week of February 2nd to 6th; we bought 1,400 american dollars worth of school supplies, organized them into individual packages, and delivered them to smiling faces. We are also happy to announce that we have taken on the responsibility of another rural school in the area of El Pantanal. This school has about 60 students and resides deep in the country---where very little outside intervention has gone. I have promised to keep them in our minds as we collect donations, and help these children in need as well. This year we were able to help 2 schools in EL Pantanal, Nicaragua----Jose De La Cruz Mena and introducing- Escuela Salomon De La Selva.
Unlike other organizations, our project works directly with the culture. I work with two local Nicaraguans to fulfill the needs of school children. All the donations that are collected in Canada are put into the Nicaraguan economy. We buy directly from a local school supply in Granada, Nicaragua called: La Gomper. Each child is personally given their school package (6 notebooks, pencils, pens, an eraser, and a pencil sharpener.) We enter classroom by classroom; we announce each childs’ name and hand it to them. We try to have a little bit of fun with them as well
Bonus Project*
This year, we paid for the education of a 14 year old girl, Hilce. I have known Hilce for about 3 years and she has always been a positive and friendly young girl. Last year, her father left her mother, and the family was left without money and abandoned. She also suffers from the emotional abuses of her alcoholic brother, who is in and out of jail. Hilce was forced to drop out of her private school and start going to a public school. She was faced with a long walk in the hard sun every day. Being disconnected from her friends was very difficult for Hilce. I heard about this situation and took a few days to decide to take on Hilce as a bonus project. We payed for her full year of private school. She is now back in her private school with her friends; safe and happy. I also bought her a pair of shoes. All of this only cost 300.00 US.She cried when I told her I would this for her, and so did I.
Thank-you for helping us with this project. Please help us continue to do what we do. Because if you can, they can laugh (Si Quieres, Pueden Reir.)
-Kathryn, Andres, and Juan Carlos.

#1 at top- Hilce
#2 at top- School boy from Jose de La Cruz Mena

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