Thursday, July 15, 2010

ATTN: VICTORIA residents

An exciting fundraiser for only $20.00

South American Tea Tasting fundraiser for the Nicaragua School Project Saturday July 24 4 pm – 4:45 pm$20 per person.

A variety of teas are popular throughout South America – from Yerba Maté, to thirst-quenching teas featuring herbs such as hibiscus and chamomile, along with black teas as well. In Nicaragua, a delicious drink known as Cacao is made by combining cocoa beans with sugar, rice, cinnamon and ice. Spend an enjoyable time exploring a variety of South American tea traditions as you taste a selection of delicious iced and hot teas, including a tea-inspired version of Nicaraguan Cacao! Be inspired by refreshing iced tea recipe ideas that are nutrient rich, and that you can learn how to make and enjoy at home throughout the summer. Nicaragua School Project was started in 2008 by Kathryn, a Canadian from Victoria, BC, and by Juan Carlos Roblero and José Andres Martinez (local Nicaraguans)—to effect change and foster hope for in-need communities. The benefits of the project are far reaching: while students gain access to essential supplies, the heavy burden of affording them is lifted for numerous families. Yearly, approximately 500 children receive school supplies and benefit from this Project. All of the supplies are purchased in Granada, Nicaragua with donated funds -

Seating is limited – you must pre-register and pre-pay to attend. To register, call 250-704-2688 ext. 2, or email This event takes place at SILK ROAD 1624 Government St. in Victoria’s Historic Chinatown District.See More

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