Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Learning from India:)

Hi there,

I just returned from a graduate seminar in two locations in India. The whole experience was enriching and challenging. I am also happy to report that I visited an amazing organization called 'El Shaddai' that works to house, clothe, and educate children from the street and desperate slums. Their work was truly inspiring. They started out small (just like our little project), and they now manage to support about 100,000 kids in India. Although it does seem like a tiny number in the scheme of India... their work is truly inspiring. I appreciated the friendliness of the staff, and we talked to many volunteers who firmly believed in the work of El Shaddai. You can have a look at their website:

El Shaddai is a Christian organization, but their philosophy is very liberal. They choose not to force religion on the children; they feel that religion should be chosen by the children later in life. I appreciate this philosophy greatly. If anyone you know is looking to volunteer in an english speaking country--India would be quite the experience! El Shaddai comes very recommended.

As one of the founders of Nicaragua School Project Society, I am happy to have had the experience of seeing how other projects in world are operating. I have YOU to -thank- for your dedicated donations and thoughts!:) I loved my time in India, but it also made me realize that Nicaragua is my home away from home, and that my commitment to the people and culture is even more important.


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