Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Take Spanish in Nicaragua!

A really wonderful way to travel is to spend some time in a country learning a language. This project was born from my desire to learn Spanish and also experience living in another culture.

My intercultural and language skills evolved each day I spent in Nicaragua; I was learning how to live my life in another country. The mere lesson of living and breathing another culture gave me the needed skills to run this small project (which has been around for 3 years...) Getting to know the people through my (sometimes) poor attempts at speaking their language created the bridge from my culture to theirs--I naturally (without intent) built the needed relationships to create a project that worked within the confines of Nicaragua.

It was never my goal to start a project like SI QUIERES or Nicaragua School Project Society but my goal of learning Spanish and choice to live in a Nicaraguan families' house gave me this opportunity. This type of travel is worth trying--it is bound to take most people out of their comfort zones. Feeling the differences of another culture can be the most amazing learning experience of all. I encourage people to pick a language--pick a country--and jet!

I recommend Granada, Nicaragua and taking your Spanish classes at Casa Xalteva:
The staff at Casa Xalteva is phenomenal. Beautiful, laughing, wise people... We often travel and never talk to the people around us--the bartendars, hotel staff, and taxi drivers... Taking Spanish classes will give you the opportunity to connect.

Feel free to email me if you have question about Casa Xalteva.

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