Monday, May 30, 2011

August School Supply!!

600 children are waiting in the school yards of El Pantanal. They hope we return to them with a fresh batch of hand made school packs--complete with notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, and pencil sharpeners--this coming August.

A school pack costs about $5 to $6 dollars. Can you spare a few dollars for our cause?

I realize that the world is on fire right now; there are so many causes to support--the tornadoes of the south, the Japanese earthquake, and the floods plaguing the planet.... If you are still able to help our cause, I truly appreciate it (and so do our Nicaraguans friends.) The communication of this organization is different from other causes since our philosophy is of frienship; the aim is never to annoy or plea with donors for help... If you can help--it's most appreciated. I also realize that not everyone is in the financial situation to donate. Perhaps, having this type of philosophy isn't the most lucrative, but it has always worked for us in the past. Friends of Nicaragua School Project are some of the most wonderful and generous people:)

We seriously appreciate our donors and use 100% of the money for the children and teachers of our two schools in El Pantanal.

Thank you for helping in whatever way you can.

Kathryn, Andres, and Juan Carlos.

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