Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In memory of a friend.

Every year, I wander the streets of Granada with purpose. I’m there to fulfill the needs of my non-profit project; a project that raises money to support 600 Nicaraguan school children. Along the way, I always manage to pick up my fair share of local and foreign friends. This year has been no exception.

I met a girl named Sara Deckert from the USA; she was studying Spanish at Casa Xalteva for several months. A lovely blonde haired, blue eyed girl—the Nicaraguans told me her Spanish was rather impressive. After some time, we had coffee at my favorite cafe in Granada, and we got to know each other. She, like me, was in love with Spanish. Her passion for learning every detail, every expression, and every Spanish joke gave her purpose; driving her to venture off abroad to learn it more in depth.

She also got to know my friend Dorothy who, like Sara, was living in Granada long term in order to pick up on the language and culture of Nicaragua. After I went back to Canada, Dorothy and Sara continued to spend time together—reflecting on the ups and downs of adapting to another culture. We had all planned to meet up together the next year in Granada, a reunion of sorts.

Sara is proof that taking the plunge and following your passion is a must. A few weeks after returning home from Nicaragua, she was fatally struck by a drunk driver. I can’t begin to understand the pain and extreme sadness that her family is feeling. All I know, and all I can offer, is that Sara finished her life doing something she loved—soaking up all those beautiful Spanish sounds, expanding her vocabulary. I know it made her truly happy. Rest in peace, Sara.


huskyhauler said...

Thank you so much for sharing your memories of our daughter, Sara. This means so much to her family.I am drinking a wonderful coffee from Guatamaula that Sara brought back for me as I type this.
Don Deckert, Sara's Padre

Dell said...

Thank you.

Jeff said...

I can't believe I was so scared for Sara to go to Nicaragua. Being a little over 5 feet tall, 1.6 meters or so, and having light blonde hair, and blue eyes, I thought she would stick out as a vulnerable victim to any "bad" people down there. I told her how worried I was about the whole deal but as little as she was, Sara was one of the strongest, and most stubborn people I have ever known. She made it through that adventure which was part of her dreams, just to come home and have her life senselessly taken by a drunk driver. I had lunch with Sara a few weeks ago and the last thing I said to her is that she has been so far away for so long and now she was only 8 miles away from me so we could see each other so easily now. She agreed and smiled and waved as she drove away. I spoke to her the night before the accident and we were planning on doing another road trip to Chicago this summer to see a concert. I will now go to that concert with her only in my heart where she has always been. Thank you so much for remembering Sara and I am glad she was able to touch your life.