Sunday, April 13, 2008

Do you want to help us??

If you would like to send us something that could help right now... We need dry eraser pens for the new acrylic white boards that we donated to the school. We have donated about 12, but we need to continue to donate the pens to the school as they dry out quite fast. Here is the address to Casa Xalteva if you are at all interested in this opportunity.

Casa Xalteva
Calle Real Xalteva #103
Igl. Xalteva 1/2 al Norte
Granada, Nicaragua
Please address your package with the name Juan Carlos Roblero and Si Quieres, Pueden Reir.

We are still working on a good way for foreign donations that does not require a lot of time or hassle. However, money is continually needed as our next big project requires a fairly large amount of money. We are hoping to build a few toilets for another school close by to "Jose de la Cruz Mena". The situation is very horrifying as there are 900 students and one toilet that does not work. Therefore, the conditions are EXTREMELY unsanitary and unsafe for the children. I will be posting more information on this topic soon. But for now, I would love to have feeback about ways to promote foreign donations and ways to send money to a country like Nicaragua.
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