Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Volunteer day in El Pantanal

On Tuesday of last week we ventured to the school "Jose de la Cruz Mena" with a group of 30 students from San Francisco. The goal was to get their hands dirty and to experience Nicaragua outside of the tranquility of Granada. Our 3 projects included painting a murale, planting trees, and collecting garbage along the edges of the school. For the most part, the projects went smoothly and the teenagers got to know the children of the school quite well. Unfortunately, a crazy Spaniard named Nas started a paint fight and everyone ended up covered from head to toe. Luckily for everyone, the paint came off our skin and clothes easily.
The project with the trees will also provide volunteer opportunities for the students in Casa Xalteva. We will be needing students to visit the school and look after the trees. Watering and care projects will soon be implemented. As for now, the director of the school is in charge of making sure that the trees are watered.
The best part of the day was seeing all the children having fun with the "gringitos". So far we have been quite successful in making the children of the school laugh.. as we have wanted to (Si Quieres, Pueden Reir.)

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