Monday, April 7, 2008

More Exciting NEWS!!!!!!~

We are extremely proud to tell you that we have completely finished supplying all the children in the school "Jose De La Cruz Mena" with school supplies (both the morning and afternoon classes.) As well as, we gave the preschool class a large package of colored paper, felt pens, glue, scissors, and other kinds of materials that are useful for art projects.

We also donated 6 brand new dry eraser boards to the school. This was one of the best moments for us, as the appreciation from the teachers was intense. One of the teachers almost cried as we presented her with a brand new "black board" for her classroom. This is a very special donation because the blackboards that the teachers were previously using were those that require chalk. Chalk is considered a health risk that can cause lung problems and conditions like asthma. Thus, we have improved the working conditions for the teachers greatly and it makes us feel very satisfied! THANKS TO YOU!!!

What is next? We have payed for 2 book shelves that will fit 300+ books. They are currently being built and we will deliver them to the school as soon as it's possible.

This week and the following week we have a group of 30 students from a highschool in San Franciso (French American International High School) studying spanish at Casa Xalteva and tonight we will be giving a presentation about our project! We will be presenting them with our goals and what they can do to help us. Our hope is to have a day where we can all go to El Pantanal to plant trees in the school yard in order to create needed shade.

Thank you for continuing to check the updates on our site.

Gracias por todo.
Kathryn, Andres, y Juan Carlos.

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