Friday, May 2, 2008

The Toilets.

Right now our main focus is another school close by to our main project site "Jose de la Cruz Mena". The reason why we are now putting more focus on this other school called Escuela "Mercedes Mondagón" is because of the attocity that we all witnessed when we visted this other school. For a school of 900 children there are 2 toilets. However one toilet is locked and reserved for the teachers. Therefore, in reality there is one toilet for 900 children. I should also add that the toilet does not flush.

The situation is completely unsanitary. Once the toilet is full of human feces, the children begin to go on the floor and then they will venture behind the toilet and go on the dirt ground. Our concern is for the children and also for the woman who cleans up the toilet at the end of the day. Most of us couldn't bare the smell nor the sight. I felt sad that this is a reality for the children and feel that noone should have to go to the bathroom in these horrid conditions. I would also like to point out that the director of the school has written the government countless times and they have done nothing to improve her situation.

Our wish is that we can build either 6 flush toilets or 6 outhouses for this school. This requires about 4,000 dollars that we need to raise.

We do not try to go out of our way to find new projects outside of what we want to do (help and supply the kids in El Pantanal) but this situation is one that we cannot forget nor ignore. Please help us raise more money!!!!

Please send me suggestions as well.

Kathryn, Andres, y Juan Carlos

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