Friday, May 16, 2008

Update on Toilet Project!

We are happy to announce that we will begin construction of 4 flush toilets in the school on Monday May 19th. We will also be repairing 2 existing toilets at the school that for much time have been broken. We have sufficient funds at the moment but are still missing about 300.00 to complete the job. We hope that more generous donations will be made:)!

We have a construction/plumbing team that will working with us (discounted because this is a community project) as well as students and teachers that will be volunteering to help with the construction. Basically we will be digging holes (until it kills us or maybe just me....) This is going to be some REAL volunteer work.

We are very excited to begin this project because it will change the environment greatly at this school. I wrote before that the kids at the moment have 1 toilet for more that 900 students (I was mistaken on the number previously it is more like 1100 students for 1 toilet.) The unsanitary conditions of the toilet were witnessed by our team the day we visited and we have never been able to forget about it. Therefore, we hope to create a more sanitary and respectable environment for the kids who attend.

Thanks to those who have donated and especially to a student named Karine who managed to raise 1200 in her home town of Montreal to donate to our project. She as well will be helping dig holes with our team.

I would also like to especially thank Oliver Hartman who got the ball rolling on this project by making connections with the construction team. He also plans to work 8 hr days helping the construction team on site.... That is devotion! Therefore, it is my pleasure to invite Oliver to be apart of our project. This comes at a convenient time since I will be going home to Canada in less than 3 weeks and Oliver will be here in Granada for a year. Oliver will be able to help Andres and Juan Carlos continue to make positive changes for our original school project in "Jose de la Cruz Mena".

thank you Kathryn.

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