Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Toilets are almost done!!

I am writing you from Canada ( I returned a week ago) to let you know that our 4 flush toilets that we are putting into the school are almost finished. We have also repaired the other two toilets that already existed. Therefore within weeks the children will be priveleged to use 5 flush toilets (instead of one) and the teacher's will continue to have their own personal toilet. I have received word from Nicaragua that we are lacking a little bit of money for the roofs and doors for the toilets. Therefore it is my hope that I can raise more money so that we can complete this project very soon.

As soon as I have updated pictures of the toilets, I will be posting them for your viewing purposes.

I want to thank Oliver Hartman once again for heading this project and making sure it went so well. Our team that we hired for this project worked hard in the rain and hot sun without the tools that we are spoiled with in Canada and the USA ( like tractors ect.) Everything was done by shovels and picks!! These guys are seriously strong and amazing workers. We are also lucky to have been given the gift of a discount because this project was to help a local school. We are very grateful for that.

Please let me know if you would be willing to donate to finishing this project. We have now discovered a way to send money to Nicaragua that doesn't cost money.

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