Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Updated OUR STORY description

Our Story
Si Quieres, Pueden Reir (If you want, they can laugh) is a project afiliated with a larger and well established organization called Casa Xalteva. Casa Xalteva is a non profit spanish school and educational center in the heart of Granada, Nicaragua which raises funds to help care for children that come from harsh economic conditions. "Si Quieres, Pueden Reir" is a project inspired by the philosophy of Casa Xalteva which is to help others that are in need without religious or personal biases.

Our project was founded by three people from Casa Xalteva. Our project consists of one former student from Canada (Kathryn Moncur) and two local Nicaraguans who are important staff members at Casa Xalteva (Jose Andres Martinez Barahona and Juan Carlos Roblero.) Through generous foreign donations and money raising projects, we will continue to help the school "Jose De La Cruz Mena" in El Pantanal (Granada, Nicaragua.) Our main goal is to be able to supply each student of this school with a package of school supplies twice yearly. This is to ensure that the children have the proper supplies for optimal learning.

We also discuss and create other projects within the school in order to improve the conditions for not only the students but the teachers who are working in the environment. We would like to continue to support this school within El Pantanal in order to encourage and motivate the children to stay in school.

As my friend Juan Carlos says… “It is all worth it when you see them laugh”

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