Monday, March 30, 2009

Movie, "Si Quieres, Pueden Reir."

Hi everyone!
I'm back in Canada, feeling pretty sad to be away from all my loved ones in Nicaragua. I feel so connected to the culture and people there, that I feel as if I would want to live there forever. I am sure that I will adjust to everything here, but Nicaragua is always in my heart. I can't forget how great my Canadian friends and family are as well.

Here is the finished product of the small film that my friend Kay made to help us promote our project, "Si Quieres, Pueden Reir." I hope you enjoy it.

This project is never finished and we still need donations to be able to complete projects that are in our minds... And we will be resupplying the children in Jose de La Cruz Mena in August as well.

Thank you for your constant support of this project! Let's hope it grows...

dale pues, Kathryn

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